Woollim Ex-Trainees


  • Yoo Via (1990)image
  • Park YoonJoo (1991)image
  • Cho Seunghee (1991)image
  • Yoo Jia (1993)image

  • Gu Bohye (1994)image
  • Oh Yeonkyunh (1994)image
  • Yoo Jungeun (1995)image
  • Gi Heehyun (1995)image

  • Choi Yoonhee (1995)image
  • Lee Goeun (1996)image

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[INTERVIEW] Melon Music Story - Jelly Christmas 2013 ‘Winter Confession’


The nation’s best vocalists who always meet the public with the best quality of music celebrate Jelly Christmas this year for the 4th time. From the best vocals, Sung Sikyung and Park Hyoshin! To recent multi-entertainer Seo Inguk nd talented idols VIXX! Each put away their busy schedules and gathered in one place to take part in Jellyfish Entertainment’s winter tradition, “Jelly Christmas 2013”! This winter, they will showcase a special proposal song. They’re coming to meet everyone here at Melon View&View with “Winter Confession”. Jellyfish artists’ relay message and their winter song recommendations! Shall we listen together?

Album | Jelly Christmas 2013 ‘Winter Confession’

The Jelly Christmas title song this time “Winter Confession” was produced by Jellyfish’s CEO and the best producer Hwang Sejun and hitmaker composing team MELODESIGN. They put together a synthpop style song with a tendency towards retro. The analog synthpop and 80s drum beat is put together with warm emotions that can be heard throughout any season. Furthermore, lyrics that express “a romantic story of a man who wants to tell the woman he loves of the first snowfall of that cold winter”, written by Kim Jihyang, is paired up with VIXX’s rapper Ravi’s unique rap that he wrote himself. Together, it will receive love as this winter’s best proposal song.

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[TRANS] Compilation of people congratulating for #VIXX1STWIN →


Super Junior Ryeowook (@ryeong9):

Wow congratulations~~~~~~^^ Skills are a given, kind, polite, and even handsome ~!!!!! VIXX jjang jjang ~ Let’s go #1 ~~♥ Hakyeon-ah don’t cry ㅠ

Yang Wook (VIXX’s choreographer) (@nanawook):

See, what did I say. I said everything will come true right? ^^…

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move to my jailed account @kimwonsiblings ^^

@JjongWings_ okaayyy :D i am going to my jailed account too xD

@JjongWings_ lmao no i use twitter web;; yes i hope i unjailed before mubank start >

@JjongWings_ I’ll do it once i unjailed lols